Week Three

This was quite the busy week. My main project for this week was determining the time that certain measurements were taken, and while this sounds simple, there are actually several conversions and operations you need to make to get the correct time. This is because the ISS measures the event at one time, the instrument measures it at another, the packet that the data is stored and received in has yet another time stamp, and there are corrections to be made on all of these times just to get the value you’re looking for. Anyway, this time that I found for each event is then used in other algorithms to eventually calculate how far off nadir the instrument is pointing. So I have been learning a lot of valuable lessons in attitude determination and control, and that has been really awesome.

On Wednesday a few other interns and I went bowling at the Air Force base at a great place called Langley Lanes. I felt cool for finally going through the Air Force gates on purpose! The base is beautiful; there is a huge lake with a bridge running over it, and a display of some jets surrounded by flags. It looks like a good place to sit and think, so I think I will have to return to that spot alone some day.

Then on Saturday two of our mentors took us to the Norfolk Tides baseball game! I don’t know much about baseball but I know enough to determine that the Tides are not a great team. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable experience; I had a lovely burrito and gelato, and the night ended with a crazy fireworks show.

Now it looks like Wednesday bowling and Sunday beach time will be a regular thing for me and my friends. I finally was able to make it to the beach today, and strategically chose to go to a nature reserve instead of the crowded beach I attempted to go to a couple of weeks ago but could not find anywhere to park. This beach was amazing; hardly any people there, a gentle breeze, and just pure tranquility. Everything I want from a beach. I stayed a little while after my friends had gone so I could explore around by myself and read my new book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Lessons I really need to take to heart these days.

So everything is going well, and I am looking forward to another week of learning and growing. Will update accordingly. 🙂


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