The last few days of work have consisted of a lot of programming in Python. So much so that I DREAMT in code the other night. It was bizarre to say the least.

Anyway, my cubicle neighbor Josh told me about a social gathering at Afterburners (the bar on NASA’s campus) that is every Thursday at 4:30. My fellow interns and I decided to check it out, since Josh said there would be many other young people to meet there. When we got there we were greeted by a 50-something man asking us if we wanted solar glasses so we could look at the sun during the upcoming total solar eclipse (!!!), and he also gave us all maps of where the best viewing spots would be. No young people were present, but we were immediately welcomed by everyone there.

Every experience I have like that one reminds me of how amazing NASA is. The people here are incredible; I don’t think they understand how insanely intelligent and wise they all are, because they are also incredibly humble. They talk about the work that they do like it’s nothing, and they always talk about the importance of working collaboratively with their coworkers (who also happen to be their best friends; I think everyone here is friends with everyone else). It’s just a really warm, inviting, challenging, amazing environment to be working in, and I feel more and more blessed to be here each day.

Speaking of blessings, three of the other interns and I went to Harborfest in Norfolk this weekend! It is this giant celebration with food trucks, craft beer, live music, and lots and lots of boats. In fact we got to watch a boat parade while sitting on a boat. I love boats, so this was awesome, and it really reminded me of being in Oslo last summer. After the festival we went to Waffle House (naturally) since one of the interns from Michigan had never gone before. It was a really great weekend, and I am excited to get to know my coworkers better as the summer goes on.


One thought on “Harborfest

  1. Glad to hear that you are having new adventures at work and in Norfolk. It sounds like a great experience with wise mentors. I am excited that you have this amazing opportunity. Solar glasses and Waffle House . . . sounds like a perfect summer internship.


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